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Visit World Bible School on the WebThe convergence of Internet and communication technologies is creating unprecedented opportunities for sharing the Good News of Jesus. One-fifth of the world’s population—1.4 billion people—can access the Internet. In an instant, they’re connected—sharing information and building relationships. They’re also seeking answers and true purpose in life. WBS will be there, too. We’re teaching the Gospel using interactive Bible lessons (our printed Bible correspondence courses continue to flourish), social networking trends, and the latest  communication technologies. From Yahoo to Yahweh, we are fulfilling the Great Commission.

Last year, WBS enrolled over 50,000 students via technology. In 2009, we expect that number to soar to 250,000. And that’s only the beginning. Millions will be enrolled in the next few years as we roll out creative, proactive methods and tools. To make this all a reality, we’re raising the needed $650,000. We’re asking churches to join us with a special contribution on Impact Sunday, May 31st.

World Bible School is one of the most proven, cost-effective means of taking the Gospel to a lost world! WBS’ mission is simple. To share Jesus with the world’s lost by motivating and equipping a global network of Christians to use interactive Bible studies effectively. WBS lets everyday Christians take the Gospel into the whole world using correspondence courses. These volunteer Christians of all ages— thousands of them—personally teach truth-seekers who want to study the Bible. As pen-pals would, they send notes of encouragement, but they also send the Truth of the Gospel at the same time. WBS’ Bible lessons have proven effective as both printed booklets and via the Internet.

For over thirty years,WBS has been a dramatically effective outreach method.
God blesses WBS in that:
  • Many millions have been taught, with over 2 million studying at any one time, in virtually every
    country on earth.
  • Around 1 million new students receive their first lesson each year.
  • Tens of thousands are baptized as a result of their studies.
  • Countless churches are being planted.

WBS is a tax-exempt, 501(c)(3) organization working in conjunction with the Westside church of Christ in Round Rock, Texas.

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